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Extruct Exhibition - Custom Bespoke Designs


Due to the current worldwide pandemic brought on by the explosive spread of the Covid-19 health crisis,

the global face of commerce has been drastically altered. 

Where once the authentic shopping experience was heightened by our experiences in store,

this same experience now highlights the need for ultra effective retail design and shop fitting.

The e-commerce sector is booming and we, as consumers, will have to change our consumer behaviours. 

With more business sectors having to find industrious means of retaining their client bases,

it has become imperative to consider alternative methods of enticing wary customers back into stores.

Finding ways in which to safeguard not only your business's or employees' health and wellbeing,

but also that of the general public, will therefore necessitate meticulously well thought

out planning of retail shop fitting.  Social distancing in store is now vital to ensuring that not

only are all new health and safety protocols followed, but also

to ensure that your clients can feel protected while supporting your business.

To this end Extruct Exhibition is looking forward to helping our clients face the challenge

of accommodating the need for retail shop fitting to incorporate new adaptations such as

cashierless store-keeping, which would entail designing and constructing strategic counters

which would enable customers to have minimal contact with cashiers.  Not only will the

futuristic shopping experience consist of being able to transact without the need for personal contact,

but the need for less contact with cash also needs to be considered.

Now more than ever, retail shop fitting will see the need for finding ways to create more spacious environments,

without the end result creating an impression of empty store shelves. 

With the careful and considered experience of our professional retail shop fitters, Extruct Exhibition will help your

business conform to the future expectations of your patrons.

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